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 We now have any lab test available, we can make you a custom kit or whatever you may need. No Doctor, no order, no problem! We will even draw it all for you. 






Thank you so much! for your wonderful service.

David Powell-Los Angeles, Ca.


I’m so glad I found you & American Mobile Phlebotomy Service. These past 3 years have been great! From drawing my specialty kits for my patients to T-spots and vaccines. You have an amazing & caring passion for helping others. I could not have completed my cardiac research with you and your expertise. I hope to be working with you for several years to come. 

Dr. Meshi-Moham

American Mobile Phlebotomy: has been completing  our blood lead levels for more then 5 years. We save time and money by having AMPS come to us. We set the date and time they come setup, test and leave. No more employees wasting time sitting in a lab for hours, instead our employees are dispatched and in the field in 2 hours or less. AMPS is a wonderful service.  

Mary Guerrero: Alliance Enviro.


you have been so great with my mom’s blood draws. She hated getting her blood drawn it was a war every 3 months and you changed that, she now looks forward to seeing you and having her blood drawn. Thank you for your loving and caring spirit. 


Dear Andrea,

Thank you for everything!! Thank you for making my “special year 2016 so less scary and less intense. I really! really! appreciate you for everything!!! I wish you all the best. You are the best phlebotomist by far. 


                                   Dearest  Andrea:

Thank you for your beautiful card and comforting words when I lost my Kathleen. She was and still is my angel. I adored her and her loss has left a hole in my heart. Permit me to apologize for not writing sooner. When I needed a nurse to make a house call to draw blood from my Kathleen and take it to the lab, I was truly fortunate to find you. Over the months that you were needed, I learned the meaning of punctuality, kindness, tenderness and loving care. You personified these trait. Drawing blood from my wife was never easy but you were so patient and caring, both my wife and I fell in love with you. Anyone needing TLC will be truly fortunate to have access to your service. My deepest thanks to you for the comfort and care you gave to Kathleen and me in our very difficult time. You are definitely a celebrity in your field. Success always John Malone 


just wanted to let you know Jessica is amazing! all our New York patients love her. Please let her know she is doing a great job!

Dr. Deb Vitality Health


Thank you for sending Cecilia today for my blood draw she was great. 


Thank you for sending Charmaine to draw my  

blood, she was so gentle and caring. I will be calling you every time I need blood testing.

Anne : Bay Back Massachusetts 


Thank you very much for going above and beyond for Dr. Di’Turi’s patient. You have a wonderful service and I’m looking forward to working with you more. Jessica was great!

she was on time and very quick but gentle.

Thanks again.

Vicky for Dr. Di’Turi Shrusbury New Jersey 


Pam in Illinois was great! I could not have had a more positive experience.  I will be continuing  to use your services.  Thank you so much!

John: Illinois 

About Us


Mobile Phlebotomy

Why drive miles to a lab fighting traffic, wait in long lines, sit for hours in a waiting room filled with sick people?  when we can come to you in the privacy of your home or office. We are an expert concierge mobile phlebotomy & specimen collection service. Our friendly, experienced and reliable phlebotomist's will provide you with the very best service to insure your important specimens are handled properly from draw to results. AMPS is # 1 in addiction recovery and # 1 OSHA certified blood lead levels in asbestos and abatement. We provide blood draws at your convenience and location. 



Why send your lead certified employees to a outside lab, where it cost more in lost time and wages. We come to you! where all your lead certified employees are tested all at once and dispatched out to the job-site. we are 30% to 50% lower then outside labs. Results in 72 hrs. It's easy as 1,2,3, Call for more information. Let our mobile Phlebotomy services make your day easier for all your blood testing needs. blood testing services


Who Can Benefit From Our Service's

  • Anyone who requires our services 
  • Private Individuals. 
  • parents who want to drug test their child.
  • Staffing for Doctors offices, Labs, vacation.
  • VIP / Celebrity with total anonymity
  • Professional Athletes (doping & testing) 
  • Schools & School Districts 
  • Environmental Abatement Companies
  • Occupational Lead Testing (OSHA certified)
  • Construction Companies
  • Gun Ranges 
  • Law Enforcement, DUI Checkpoints, BAT
  • Forensics
  • Pharmaceutical Companies 
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Board & Care Homes
  • Doctors offices
  • Dentists - PRP, PRF, PDGF, BMP
  • Staffing - Dr's office, labs vacation
  • Chiropractors
  • Holistic Practitioners /Naturalpaths
  • Recovery Clinics, Rehabs, Recovery Homes
  • Hospice
  • Home Health Agencies 
  • Health & wellness Events / Fairs 
  • Specialty blood kits - Genova, Spetracell, Boston Heart, Altess, to name a few. We complete all kits.
  • Research / Clinical Trials
  • Drug & alcohol testing, Pre-Employment on-site random drug testing, Court ordered testing.
  • Employee Physicals (We come to you)


Abatement, Mold & Lead

Alliance Enviro. Cares About Their Lead Certified Employees



Under the occupational health standard for inorganic lead, a program of biological monitoring and medical surveillance is to be made available to all employees exposed to lead above the action level of 30 ug/m(3) TWA for more than 30 days each year. This program consists of periodic blood sampling and medical evaluation to be performed on a schedule which is defined by previous laboratory results, worker complaints or concerns, and the clinical assessment of the examining physician.

Under this program, the blood lead level of all employees who are exposed to lead above the action level of 30 ug/m(3) is to be determined at least every six months. The frequency is increased to every two months for employees whose last blood lead level was between 40 ug/100 g whole blood and the level requiring employee medical removal to be discussed below. For employees who are removed from exposure to lead due to an elevated blood lead, a new blood lead level must be measured monthly. A zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP) is required on each occasion that a blood lead level measurement is made.

An annual medical examination and consultation performed under the guidelines discussed in Section 3 is to be made available to each employee for whom a blood test conducted at any time during the preceding 12 months indicated a blood lead level at or above 40 ug/100 g. Also, an examination is to be given to all employees prior to their assignment to an area in which airborne lead concentrations reach or exceed the action level. In addition, a medical examination must be provided as soon as possible after notification by an employee that the employee has developed signs or symptoms commonly associated with lead intoxication, that the employee desires medical advice regarding lead exposure and the ability to procreate a healthy child, or that the employee has demonstrated difficulty in breathing during a respirator fitting test or during respirator use. An examination is also to be made available to each employee removed from exposure to lead due to a risk of sustaining material impairment to health, or otherwise limited or specially protected pursuant to medical recommendations.

Results of biological monitoring or the recommendations of an examining physician may necessitate removal of an employee from further lead exposure pursuant to the standard's medical removal protection (MRP) program. The object of the MRP program is to provide temporary  

medical removal to workers either with substantially elevated blood lead levels or otherwise at risk of sustaining material health impairment from continued substantial exposure to lead. The following guidelines which are summarized in Table 2 were created under the standard for the temporary removal of an exposed employee and his or her subsequent return to work in an exposure area.

American mobile health service's is OSHA compliant 

We Come To You To Save You Time & Money,


We are #1 in blood lead levels and blood testing services.   Our mobile phlebotomy lab is OSHA certified. We hire only California State certified phlebotomist with the most experience, even for needle sensitive workers. phlebotomy training

Relax in your office, while we do the rest


  1. Call for an appointment 726.806.7204
  2. We come out, set up.
  3. Test each employee, clean up and leave.

Most employees are tested within 90 min. 

to 3 hrs. depending on amount of certified employees tested. We start as early as needed

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Toxicology Testing

 While opiates are prescribed to relieve acute pain, prolonged use can lead to opiate addiction (opioid addiction) and abuse. Common opioids include prescription painkillers such as dilaudidoxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl, as well the illicit drug heroin. Opiate addiction (including opioid addiction) is the leading cause of the drug overdose in the United States, with an estimated 20,101 deaths due to prescription painkillers and 12,990 deaths due to heroin use in 2015. Opiate addiction is a disease that has destroyed the lives and families of millions. While there is no cure for opiate addiction, this disease can be treated in drug addiction rehabilitation, or drug rehab

# 1 in Recovery Testing

We are  the # 1 mobile onsite lab testing company  for recovery testing and toxicology. We Come To You It's as easy as 1,2,3, service includes all supplies and specWimen transportation to lab. results in 5 to 7 day or less.

Only Trust The Best

We hire only the most experienced phlebotomist's for detoxing and recovering clients. 

Everyone is a VIP

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