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Become A Phlebotomist

 We don't think you should have to pay on a loan for 10 yrs. so we make it easy and affordable for everyone.  We will walk you through every step of the way. 626.806.7204 for more information.

Blood Testing

Paramedical Workshops

Paramedical workshops are designed to give a phlebotomist, MA, EMT, RN, LVN the tools such as fundamentals of EKG, how to complete Paramedical paperwork correctly, and LDX machine, these tools help make medical personnel more marketable. Our students also receive a list of hiring companies and certificate of completion at class end. Contact Andrea at 626.806.7204.

Another great graduating phlebotomy class, we present our future Phlebotomist’s.

We Won't Desert You

We offer phlebotomy training courses, our college offers weekend classes and week day classes to fit your schedule. You will be taught by great teachers with a combined experience of over 30 yrs. in every area of phlebotomy. You will learn to draw in class and upon completion and graduation you will then take your NHA test for the State of California and upon passing you will then go to externship. For more info. call Andrea at 626.806.7204

We want you to receive the best affordable phlebotomy education.